Baking Salted Caramel Macarons

I’ve heard many great things about macarons. The crispy exterior. The soft interior. The feet.

They’re cute, fancy, showcased in the finest patisseries, featured on cooking shows, famed for being seriously addicting…



I really was intrigued by this little French treat. The ingredients themselves were so simple and cheap – an egg white, sugar and almond shell, sandwiched between a filling. But oh, the horror stories I’ve heard about them!


My apologies for the caption…I was sending all these baking updates to my Snapchat friends!

I was set on making these for my class’ Food Fair. I’ve never really made them before, so I prepared by extensive research and note taking. Preparation was relatively fast. The longest part was waiting for them to dry before baking them – but I made a lovely salted caramel filling whilst waiting.

I’ll let you in on a little secret – put a dash of instant coffee mixed with vanilla extract while making the shells. The colour complements the filling, and the flavour matches it perfectly!

My batches came out great! They were nicely risen, had their ruffled feet, and had that hint of coffee – not too much, but just enough for you to notice its subtlety. The filling itself wasn’t too sweet – it was very rich, with dark tones of caramel. I added extra flakes of salt on top, which really balanced out the sweetness of the shells. The only thing I wasn’t extremely happy about was how much they had risen – I would’ve preferred my shells to be a bit flatter.

I made it to the Food Fair, and was a bit apprehensive with what people might think, but reactions were very positive! There were a lot of people who said that it was their favourite dish, and even a couple of people asking if they could take a few home! I was ecstatic.


My macarons, along with other food items, at the Food Fair

Overall, I had a lot of fun baking, and I was happy people liked them. These macarons definitely made the list of my happy food memories!

Recipe for macaron shells here.

Salted caramel recipe here.


The macaron gang


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